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Like life and music in general, this website is a work in progress and is meant to connect with all who stumble upon it. Stray Grass specializes in high-energy interpretations of acoustic music. Although played on traditional instruments, the musical stylings of Stray Grass are anything but traditional. Inspired by artists as diverse as Bill Monroe, Tim O’Brien, Peter Rowan, Dave Matthews, New Grass Revival, Bob Dylan and Crosby Stills and Nash, their music has been categorized as “Americana with a New Acoustic Flair”. But whatever you want to call it, as long as we’re keepin’ you entertained with a smile on your face (and hopefully a good dose of “happy feet”), we’re on the right path.


Musically Yours,
Garry, Guy & Pete

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Stray Grass wants your help getting the word out about concert dates, news, and everything else related to the band. This would include putting up posters provided to you for upcoming shows, handing out flyers, and other promotional opportunities that come about. Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with everything that's going on with the band.

Upcoming Shows

For booking, please visit 'Press & Contact' to speak to the band directly with any live performance inquiries. Stray Grass is always excited to work with booking agents and individuals interested in having the band come and play!

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Stray Grass is on Facebook, and it's here that we'll be sharing stories from the road and posting pictures from behind the scenes. If YOU have pictures or something you want to share with the band, this is the place to do it! So give us a 'Like' and we'll stay in touch...

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